From the recording Into the Sunrise

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Dave Lee and Dormee present to you a song of joy and happiness, where the grass is green and melodies, bright. A song that you can dance to and smile. This is a song to bring you a sense of fulfillment and cheer - a party song with wholesomeness.

"Into the Sunrise" begins with a simple, beautiful piano line that is then joined by plucked synths and an electric guitar, building up higher and higher into a house-style drop full of bouncing bass lines and a deep kick that is satisfying and smile inducing. The melody is packed with a punch of happiness and joy and lush strings in the interlude accompanied by one of the most whimsical, sliding, synth plucks building into an extended, second drop that is filled with even more cheerfulness along with that bouncing bass line and kick. After the climax, the song lingers on with bass, kick, strings, and piano to your hearts content. We hope you enjoy the ride.