From the recording Tomorrow's Twilight

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Tomorrow's Twilight (title by Dave Lee) is an electronic symphony of sound that leads you to the world's end with lush and soaring strings, morphed piano motifs, and bass and beat pumping action.

This piece is a journey to the end of time itself. This song's exhilarating yet melancholy dichotomy will envelope your senses and enrapture the very core of your being. Beginning with a deep bass drone and plucked piano and string motifs, "Tomorrow's Twilight" builds into a soaring, string melody accompanied by an orchestral percussion section that bursts into a slow dance beat while the strings coerce the sonic journey with a plucked, synth backdrop. Then it suddenly drops down into that simple, plucked piano and string motif again giving you time to savor the delightful strain of building melancholia. The dance beat enters again to the roar of the strings and an electronica bass pumping action climaxing to a new height and then suddenly dropping to a string serenade as the piece slowly lulls you to sleep and fades away.