Shooting Stars

Dave Lee & Dormee

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Dave Lee & Dormee present to you a song straight from the heart of a young man in high school back in the 1980s, whose passion for this song was not realized until 30 years later. This is a song of hope in a dream for humanity connected through music.

Dave Lee was a high school student in the 1980s and thought of a single title for a song that he carried in his heart for 30 years until he met music producer, Dormee, who would then realize his dream and bring this song of hope to you. "Shooting Stars" is a song of wonder in a fictional world where an astroid collides to earth and with it brings the gift of musical talent to all humans on the planet. In this world, we celebrate our passion for music in an endless night of musical ecstasy and fellowship, performing concerts and festivals, and in a world where every person has a hit song on the radio. This is a fantasy, but music is real and really does connect and bring people together in a common spirit of inspiration and joy. "Shooting Stars" captures that spirit and delivers it to you in a spectacular array of beat pumping action and goose-bump inducing vocals by the extremely talented, Forteller and Ashley Page. Our best wish of this song is for you to just sit back and enjoy the fantastical world incapsulated in this song and to dream your wildest and most inspired dreams.

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