French Kiss


What does a French kiss sound like? It's been said that music is what emotions sound like. DORMEE puts to sound the passion of a French kiss. It's what you might expect if you've ever received one. If not, then imagine and listen.

"French Kiss" is a minimalistic synthwave track full of emotional triggers starting with a quote put to music from a 2005 French film that is about finding the courage to love the damaged soul and body that you are. Let's not kid around. We're broken. From love lost to love found, redeeming the time that we have in the present moments is one of the most precious kindnesses we can do for ourselves. DORMEE's "French Kiss" is an expression of love to you, the listening, to help you find yourself and the passion for the affection deep within you. The affection expressed in this piece is one of physical desire, but not just that. So many aspects are in play when you express affection - from a spiritual bond to intimate vulnerability, a French kiss is a beautiful way to express your desire for your partner in life. So if you're curious of what this may sound like, simply listen with open ears and an open heart and mind, close your eyes, and let the sound surround you and engulf you. If not, simply play this track when you're in the mood to kiss that someone special. Not much of a track description because the only way to experience the moment is to listen. This song is for you. Treat it well.

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