One Last Time


"One Last Time" is a song full of hope, inspiration, and drive. This song is an encapsulation of a desire and light beyond our realm with a sense of spirituality that aspires to be more than the sum of its parts and a hope that goes beyond our reasoning.

DORMEE presents to you a track with ambience, synthesis, anticipation, drive, and resolution. This is "One Last Time" to inspire greatness, to inspire goodness, and to inspire a desire to be more than just a listener. It starts off with a futuristic space station ambience and quickly moves into baby-like female vocal clips, syncopated synths, and a piano riff building up to the first drop, driving and determined. After the first drop, we hear the subtle beauty of a simple piano line with the beat and choppy female vocals used in tracks past rising into an arpeggiated piano line that leads into the next build. The second drop hits hard with the arpeggiated piano line driving the harmony. A short interlude comes with a '70s synth leading the way, all culminating into the third drop that will give you chills and then dies down into a bumper beat ending with the same space station ambience that it began with filtering down - the journey of a thousand lives in one song.

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