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Welcome to the Astral Plane


Released on February 22, 2019.


"Welcome to the Astral Plane" brings Electro, Indie, Psytrance, and Rock all into one extremely powerful track. Inspired by Muse's "Algorithm," this track takes you on a wild and dark trip into another realm filled with shadows and blinding light.


DORMEE executes yet another compelling and driving song in, "Welcome to the Astral Plane." The track begins with an eerie piano motif that builds into a full-on, yet warped, indie rock feel, with Jonny's vocals morphing in and out of the electric vocoder synth. The lyrics are dark and sinister to be sure, yet strangely alluring. There's a slight lift in the sound and then straight away, the verse plows into the first drop with a chest-pounding, hard, bass pulse and kick, which then blossoms into a magnificent, synth-driven melody intermingled with a soprano-like, electronic voice. After the drop, there is a slight interlude of creepy marble sounds supported by the electric bass. Into the second verse, just like the first, all culminating into an even larger drop and synth-driven brilliance with vocals soaring high with the melody and then dropping away. And it's over as soon as it began with the chest-pounding, pulsating bass and kick. Take a breath. The trip is over.

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