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To Feel You Close - Double

2-Track EP

Released on October 27, 2017


Joel Rees & Dormee bring you something special in this double EP, mixing hip-hop and electronic dance music with a positive message and driving bass lines.


This double EP brings you hip-hop and electronic dance music like you've never heard before! With Joel Rees' quick and precise rapping and beautiful choruses-lines pronounced by a message of overcoming struggle and looking to Jesus as your source of strength, all encompassed by an energetic and driving soundscape that Dormee provides, this duo is unstoppable. "Be Free" is an expression of someone out there that is greater than ourselves and who can break our chains of sin and bondage and set us free. The soundtrack provides a danceable, power-driving bass and kick during the choruses and a more laid back and chill hip-hop beat during the verses. "To Feel You Close" stems from the desire to be close to Jesus and depend on him for all your needs. Deriving inspiration from various genres, this track brings that power bass again along with a gorgeous bridge section sung by Fosterchild. All in all, this double EP will leave you encouraged and empowered to face the world with a strength beyond your own.

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