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The Enemy (feat. Saphara Darkstar)


Released on October 16, 2015.


This single is a mix of Electro, Dance, and Hip Hop topped with the haunting and beautiful vocals of Saphara Darkstar.


As Darkstar Dormee, we are a collaborative group of two musicians - Saphara Darkstar: song-writer and singer. DORMEE: EDM producer and DJ. Together, we produce a mix of Electronic Music ranging from Electro Rock to Dance Music to Dubstep. As well as producing original tracks, we also cover well-known artists such as Muse and Paramore in EDM style tracks. We both come from extremely different musical backgrounds. With a passion for music, Darkstar made her own way, teaching herself all she would need to know in playing the guitar, keyboard, and as a naturally talented singer and song-writer. DORMEE, however, was trained as a musician in the Classical Music world, sharpening his skill on the piano and violin and performing many solo concerts and concerts with well-known symphonies as featured artist before he broke free and went his own way into the EDM world. We are Saphara Darkstar and DORMEE. Together, we are Darkstar Dormee.

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"Whatever creativity is - it is in part -

the solution to a problem."

 - Brian Transeau

EDM Artist, DJ & Producer "BT"