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5-Track EP

Released on July 1, 2016.


If you like dance and party music, but with some heartfelt and emotional moments, then this album is for you!


The SUMMER EP by DORMEE was made to enhance your experience of this wonderful season! Sit back and relax or dance to the bright, cheerful, bubbly, and fun party sounds of this great EP! The first track, "In the Summer," invokes the true spirit of summer in this fun-in-the-sun and driving track, giving you full and melodic driven sound! The second track, "We Won't Stop," is a collaborative track featuring the fun rap lyrics of Zach Dizzle, which places you at the heart of a pool-side party wherever you are! "House of Future Past" is the third track, in the popular EDM style of Future House, giving you a very bright and bubbly sounds to dance to! The fourth track, "Breathe," featuring the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Farisha, is a diversion from the party atmosphere with it's darker melodic structure and heavy electro drops. The fifth and last track, "To the Beat," brings you full-circle back to the summer and cheerful, yet emotional, dynamics of this wonderful EP.

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"Whatever creativity is - it is in part -

the solution to a problem."

 - Brian Transeau

EDM Artist, DJ & Producer "BT"