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5-Track EP

Released on August 10, 2018.


AC - 3 produces a variety of sounds and styles stemming from the popular '80s genre, new wave, and incorporates dubstep and synth-pop with experimental sounds giving you fresh, new, original songs filled with symbolism and intensity.


Notes on, "SLEEvE," by AC - 3

Track 1. Adonai Am: This is a song based on the genre of dubstep mixed with a flavor of modern EDM. It's inspiration comes directly from Adonai - the "I Am" or, God, of the religion known as Christianity. I think of it in terms as an audible metaphor or perhaps a musical representation of the Creator's universal power.

Track 2. Beyond Far: Pure 21st century new wave music. This song deals with modern technology, transhumanism, a duality of uncertainty in knowing whether or not humans are real or if the technology that is slowly morphing into everyday life is our reality. One could consider it as, "spiritual schizophrenia." How do we determine which side of us is the real us, who really made us, and why do we differ so often as humans in our personality traits and actions? Take note of a Star being mentioned in the songs Adonai Am and Beyond Far. It all has a reason.

Track 3. The Star: Ambient experimental. "The Star" is truly cosmic in every way. It's a song based primarily on the wonderment of finding the truth - actually seeing with your own eyes, The Light. In its sublime beauty, the music takes the observer on a journey of joy, amazement, and emotional evolution towards new heights.

Track 4. 5th Age: Experimental EDM. Ancient cultures from all races and timelines throughout human history have referred to ages. Many ancient philosophers believed that life has been born, lived, and died in cycles. As we arrive at the Age of Aquarius, we also come even closer to a new, "5th Age," or fifth time around. The song is descriptive of rebirth, renewal, and hope.

Track 5. SLEEvE: Electronica. The EP's title song is about spiritual schizophrenia or the duality issue that haunts the human psyche. We finally realize that our invention of technology is not our God. Who are we? Why are we here? Where did we come from? Much like bookends, this song returns us to Adonai Am - deciding to believe and give all our love and happiness to the One who made it all possible.

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"Whatever creativity is - it is in part -

the solution to a problem."

 - Brian Transeau

EDM Artist, DJ & Producer "BT"