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Keepin' It Light (feat. Hemanifezt)


Released on December 7, 2018.


"Keepin' It Light" is one of the funnest, party songs you'll ever hear from DORMEE. With swinging, funky Dance and Trap influences in its bubbly beats with the vocals of Hemanifezt, this song will keep the party lively and the partiers on the dance floor.


DORMEE is known for his more serious tracks, but "Keepin' It Light" is a true reversal of that showing a bright and bubbly side of his persona. The song is a brilliantly written party track seamlessly stitching Funk, Dance, and Trap into the fiber of the song with a constantly swinging rhythmic tempo incorporated in songs by the likes of Alan Walker. "Keepin' It Light" shows you just how fun experimental songs can be. It starts with a simple beat and synth with piano and subdued vocal clips rising up into full-on party mode with an airhorn and all the elements of an extremely cheerful mix of sound and rhythm. After the party has kicked off, there is a slight pause with a solo synth being featured which then plunges straight into the first verse with Hemanifezt spitting his easy-going and inspiring lyrics in rapid succession. While Hemanifezt is rapping, a swinging and fast, Trap, bass beat is booming underneath accompanied by a syncopated synth, fast high-hats, and a funky, spliced-vocal synth adding that special "it" element that makes this song so attractive. This all crescendoes into another full-on party mode hopping beat. The second verse is smooth with an etherial element giving you a sense that you are floating on air with its light and groovy synth patterns all while Hemanifezt is doing his thing. Next up: another extremely cheerful and bright, party-pumping chorus along with the vocals, "I don't know why they lie. I don't know why they try," giving flack to those who pretend to live the high life, but have virtually nothing. "Keepin' It Light" ends just as it began with a simple beat and synth with piano leaving you with a brilliant sense of so much fun and good-times having come and gone.

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