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In Your Eyes


Released on September 7, 2018. This track is dedicated to Lisa Sifferman.


About two months ago from writing this now on September 7, 2018, I went through a break-up with a woman I truly admire. You could call it a summer fling because of the shortness of the relationship. Yet, during that time, I had so much fun and excitement being close with her that it spilled over into my music. "In Your Eyes" is a capturing of that intimacy, fun, and excitement.
As artists, we are encouraged to write from the heart. And although I've focused on making cool songs in the past, even some with deep meaning, I can truly say this song comes from my heart and personal experience.

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"Whatever creativity is - it is in part -

the solution to a problem."

 - Brian Transeau

EDM Artist, DJ & Producer "BT"