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Alien (DORMEE Remix)


Released on August 20, 2016.


The DORMEE remix of Superstar Runner's acoustic version of, "Alien," paints with a wall of sound, simplicity, and provides a solid pulsating bass with a slow dance beat while still maintaining the integrity of the original song.


Superstar Runner is a heart-felt, hope-filled, indie power-pop artist, and avid street performer from the mid-atlantic United States, writing and performing songs with raw emotion, subtle nuances, and strong messages. DORMEE is a classically-trained, electronic dance music artist, producer, and DJ with a wide-range of styles and skills, bringing excellence to any mix, remix, or original composition. Together, Superstar Runner and DORMEE give you that unique indie-sonic experience that only two artists of widely different musical backgrounds and tastes can. Their sound is a power-house of sound and emotion with that truly real indie message and freedom of expression supported by the science of sound coming only from a logical production in the art of electronic music. As a team, Superstar Runner and DORMEE work in tandem to bring you that true and lasting experience you can share with your friends and family for years to come. Enjoy.


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 - Brian Transeau

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