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After All


Released on November 5, 2017.



Carli Harris & Dormee blend free worship-style with electronic into music that resonates with the soul while also taking you on an auditory journey that is personal, unique, exciting, and driven.


The story behind, "After All," by Carli Harris:

I sat there looking into my eyes in the mirror while depression came to sing its song, but Jesus started to remind me who I really was. When suicide came in with its harmony, singing, "Your death will set you free," Jesus reminded me only His death can set me free. When self hatred was yelling, "There's nothing left of you," Jesus showed me true beauty I never saw before in myself. What Jesus spoke to me in poem, I wanted to create into lyrics, because I knew so many could relate.

Let Life sing His song over you.
Because after all, you are beautiful after all.

Notes about the music of, "After All," by Dormee:

When Carli first approached me with her poem, I knew the words that I read were special and inspired. Although she was a little hesitant on turning her poem into lyrics and a song, I played around with some musical ideas and shared them with her. When she heard what I had done with her poem, turning it into song (initially, with me just narrating the poem over the score), she was so excited to work further on expanding this project and I composed a melody for her lyrics and we worked out the chorus line together and Carli expanded her poem into a second verse that is just phenomenal.

As for the music, it begins with a simple piano line and becomes more complex with added synthesizers all crescendoing into the chorus and then it happens all over again with the second verse and chorus, but the conclusion, I think, is something exceptionally special and in which Carli came up with of her own accord. The ending returns with that simple piano line and fades aways into nothing as she sings the words, "You are beautiful, after all," so it's as if you continue hearing those words even after the song has ended and I think those are the words God wants us to hear and understand for all of time and beyond.

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