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Shooting Stars - Single

Shooting Stars


Released on December 20, 2019.


Dave Lee & Dormee present to you a song straight from the heart of a young man in high school back in the 1980s, whose passion for this song was not realized until 30 years later. This is a song of hope in a dream for humanity connected through music.


Dave Lee was a high school student in the 1980s and thought of a single title for a song that he carried in his heart for 30 years until he met music producer, Dormee, who would then realize his dream and bring this song of hope to you. "Shooting Stars" is a song of wonder in a fictional world where an astroid collides to earth and with it brings the gift of musical talent to all humans on the planet. In this world, we celebrate our passion for music in an endless night of musical ecstasy and fellowship, performing concerts and festivals, and in a world where every person has a hit song on the radio. This is a fantasy, but music is real and really does connect and bring people together in a common spirit of inspiration and joy. "Shooting Stars" captures that spirit and delivers it to you in a spectacular array of beat pumping action and goose-bump inducing vocals by the extremely talented, Forteller and Ashley Page. Our best wish of this song is for you to just sit back and enjoy the fantastical world incapsulated in this song and to dream your wildest and most inspired dreams.

One Last Time - Single

One Last Time


Released on November 15, 2019.


"One Last Time" is a song full of hope, inspiration, and drive. This song is an encapsulation of a desire and light beyond our realm with a sense of spirituality that aspires to be more than the sum of its parts and a hope that goes beyond our reasoning.


DORMEE presents to you a track with ambience, synthesis, anticipation, drive, and resolution. This is "One Last Time" to inspire greatness, to inspire goodness, and to inspire a desire to be more than just a listener. It starts off with a futuristic space station ambience and quickly moves into baby-like female vocal clips, syncopated synths, and a piano riff building up to the first drop, driving and determined. After the first drop, we hear the subtle beauty of a simple piano line with the beat and choppy female vocals used in tracks past rising into an arpeggiated piano line that leads into the next build. The second drop hits hard with the arpeggiated piano line driving the harmony. A short interlude comes with a '70s synth leading the way, all culminating into the third drop that will give you chills and then dies down into a bumper beat ending with the same space station ambience that it began with filtering down - the journey of a thousand lives in one song.

Meant to Dance - Single

Meant to Dance


Released on October 11, 2019.


Dave Lee & Dormee present to you a spectacular display of dance genius mixed with electro and progressive elements all wrapped up into one power house track, "Meant to Dance."


"Meant to Dance" is electronically driven from the start with powerful and gritty bass synths to distorted melodic lines that hook from the very beginning. This track is traditionally twisted in only the way an independent artist can devise. Truly inspired drops with only the best counter melodies heard, "Meant to Dance" will deliver a truly unique (truly unique) experience of electro, progressive, and house elements to your ears. Driving to the end this song does. Just that. Immerse yourself into a world of transformative chord progressions that usher you to the end in a timely manner with a satisfaction that only indie dance music can provide you.

French Kiss - Single

French Kiss


Released on July 12, 2019


What does a French kiss sound like? It's been said that music is what emotions sound like. DORMEE puts to sound the passion of a French kiss. It's what you might expect if you've ever received one. If not, then imagine and listen.


"French Kiss" is a minimalistic synthwave track full of emotional triggers starting with a quote put to music from a 2005 French film that is about finding the courage to love the damaged soul and body that you are. Let's not kid around. We're broken. From love lost to love found, redeeming the time that we have in the present moments is one of the most precious kindnesses we can do for ourselves. DORMEE's "French Kiss" is an expression of love to you, the listening, to help you find yourself and the passion for the affection deep within you. The affection expressed in this piece is one of physical desire, but not just that. So many aspects are in play when you express affection - from a spiritual bond to intimate vulnerability, a French kiss is a beautiful way to express your desire for your partner in life. So if you're curious of what this may sound like, simply listen with open ears and an open heart and mind, close your eyes, and let the sound surround you and engulf you. If not, simply play this track when you're in the mood to kiss that someone special. Not much of a track description because the only way to experience the moment is to listen. This song is for you. Treat it well.

The Secret Beyond - Single

The Secret Beyond


Released on April 26, 2019.


This cerebral trip will take you into a world of synthetic music made with haunting frequencies and progressions of sound along with beat pounding action and sweet violin lines grafted finely into the mix. Welcome to "The Secret Beyond."


"The Secret Beyond" takes you on a sonic journey into the human mind with all of its complexities and errors in judgement and thought. Beginning with tuning into the frequency of multiple radio waves all talking about the same idea, a spooky and haunting arpeggiating synth melody then enters into those frequencies and takes you into the depths of sound progression and into the subconscious mind if you let it. It drops hard, twice, with the same haunting arpeggiating synth progression, getting ever deeper and deeper into the subconscious mind of belief and imagination where "The Secret Beyond" lies.


Serenity Rising - Single

Serenity Rising


Released on April 12, 2019.


"Serenity Rising" is an enchanting minimalist electronic music track whose ambience soaks into the environment around it causing one to experience extreme relaxation, elation, and euphoria.

Welcome to the Astral Plane - Single

Welcome to the Astral Plane


Released on February 22, 2019.


"Welcome to the Astral Plane" brings Electro, Indie, Psytrance, and Rock all into one extremely powerful track. Inspired by Muse's "Algorithm," this track takes you on a wild and dark trip into another realm filled with shadows and blinding light.


DORMEE executes yet another compelling and driving song in, "Welcome to the Astral Plane." The track begins with an eerie piano motif that builds into a full-on, yet warped, indie rock feel, with Jonny's vocals morphing in and out of the electric vocoder synth. The lyrics are dark and sinister to be sure, yet strangely alluring. There's a slight lift in the sound and then straight away, the verse plows into the first drop with a chest-pounding, hard, bass pulse and kick, which then blossoms into a magnificent, synth-driven melody intermingled with a soprano-like, electronic voice. After the drop, there is a slight interlude of creepy marble sounds supported by the electric bass. Into the second verse, just like the first, all culminating into an even larger drop and synth-driven brilliance with vocals soaring high with the melody and then dropping away. And it's over as soon as it began with the chest-pounding, pulsating bass and kick. Take a breath. The trip is over.

Keepin' It Light (feat. Hemanifezt) - Single

Keepin' It Light (feat. Hemanifezt)


Released on December 7, 2018.


"Keepin' It Light" is one of the funnest, party songs you'll ever hear from DORMEE. With swinging, funky Dance and Trap influences in its bubbly beats with the vocals of Hemanifezt, this song will keep the party lively and the partiers on the dance floor.


DORMEE is known for his more serious tracks, but "Keepin' It Light" is a true reversal of that showing a bright and bubbly side of his persona. The song is a brilliantly written party track seamlessly stitching Funk, Dance, and Trap into the fiber of the song with a constantly swinging rhythmic tempo incorporated in songs by the likes of Alan Walker. "Keepin' It Light" shows you just how fun experimental songs can be. It starts with a simple beat and synth with piano and subdued vocal clips rising up into full-on party mode with an airhorn and all the elements of an extremely cheerful mix of sound and rhythm. After the party has kicked off, there is a slight pause with a solo synth being featured which then plunges straight into the first verse with Hemanifezt spitting his easy-going and inspiring lyrics in rapid succession. While Hemanifezt is rapping, a swinging and fast, Trap, bass beat is booming underneath accompanied by a syncopated synth, fast high-hats, and a funky, spliced-vocal synth adding that special "it" element that makes this song so attractive. This all crescendoes into another full-on party mode hopping beat. The second verse is smooth with an etherial element giving you a sense that you are floating on air with its light and groovy synth patterns all while Hemanifezt is doing his thing. Next up: another extremely cheerful and bright, party-pumping chorus along with the vocals, "I don't know why they lie. I don't know why they try," giving flack to those who pretend to live the high life, but have virtually nothing. "Keepin' It Light" ends just as it began with a simple beat and synth with piano leaving you with a brilliant sense of so much fun and good-times having come and gone.

In Your Eyes - Single

In Your Eyes


Released on September 7, 2018. This track is dedicated to Lisa Sifferman.


About two months ago from writing this now on September 7, 2018, I went through a break-up with a woman I truly admire. You could call it a summer fling because of the shortness of the relationship. Yet, during that time, I had so much fun and excitement being close with her that it spilled over into my music. "In Your Eyes" is a capturing of that intimacy, fun, and excitement.
As artists, we are encouraged to write from the heart. And although I've focused on making cool songs in the past, even some with deep meaning, I can truly say this song comes from my heart and personal experience.
Life & Love - Single

Life & Love


Released on September 2, 2018.


"Life & Love" by AC - 3 and Dormee is a song that celebrates the closing of one chapter and opening up of another in life. This song is a hopeful melancholia of emotion which takes you from the sorrow of leaving something behind, but with a hope and excitement for the future. With its soft piano line and subtle synth and beat, "Life & Love" will capture your heart and soul with its haunting vocals and powerful lyrics.

SLEEvE - 5-Track EP


5-Track EP

Released on August 10, 2018.


AC - 3 produces a variety of sounds and styles stemming from the popular '80s genre, new wave, and incorporates dubstep and synth-pop with experimental sounds giving you fresh, new, original songs filled with symbolism and intensity.


Notes on, "SLEEvE," by AC - 3

Track 1. Adonai Am: This is a song based on the genre of dubstep mixed with a flavor of modern EDM. It's inspiration comes directly from Adonai - the "I Am" or, God, of the religion known as Christianity. I think of it in terms as an audible metaphor or perhaps a musical representation of the Creator's universal power.

Track 2. Beyond Far: Pure 21st century new wave music. This song deals with modern technology, transhumanism, a duality of uncertainty in knowing whether or not humans are real or if the technology that is slowly morphing into everyday life is our reality. One could consider it as, "spiritual schizophrenia." How do we determine which side of us is the real us, who really made us, and why do we differ so often as humans in our personality traits and actions? Take note of a Star being mentioned in the songs Adonai Am and Beyond Far. It all has a reason.

Track 3. The Star: Ambient experimental. "The Star" is truly cosmic in every way. It's a song based primarily on the wonderment of finding the truth - actually seeing with your own eyes, The Light. In its sublime beauty, the music takes the observer on a journey of joy, amazement, and emotional evolution towards new heights.

Track 4. 5th Age: Experimental EDM. Ancient cultures from all races and timelines throughout human history have referred to ages. Many ancient philosophers believed that life has been born, lived, and died in cycles. As we arrive at the Age of Aquarius, we also come even closer to a new, "5th Age," or fifth time around. The song is descriptive of rebirth, renewal, and hope.

Track 5. SLEEvE: Electronica. The EP's title song is about spiritual schizophrenia or the duality issue that haunts the human psyche. We finally realize that our invention of technology is not our God. Who are we? Why are we here? Where did we come from? Much like bookends, this song returns us to Adonai Am - deciding to believe and give all our love and happiness to the One who made it all possible.

Dance for Life - Single

Dance for Life


Released on May 11, 2018.


In, "Dance for Life," DORMEE brings on the electro with a touch of trance, with it's epic builds to it's bass pumping drops, this single will have you on the dance floor in no time.


DORMEE has done it again with his hot, new single, "Dance for Life!" This dance banger gives it all to you with its huge electro drops to its beautifully, fast-paced, melodic vocoding and trance elements. This track will build you up, drop you hard with its two unique climaxes, and then give you time to breath with its groovy, bass-driven interlude. Yes, this track has all you could ever want in a banger and leaves you wanting to hit that repeat button again and again. Some inspirations for this track came from Tiësto, Kaskade, and Deadmau5.

After All - Single

After All


Released on November 5, 2017.



Carli Harris & Dormee blend free worship-style with electronic into music that resonates with the soul while also taking you on an auditory journey that is personal, unique, exciting, and driven.


The story behind, "After All," by Carli Harris:

I sat there looking into my eyes in the mirror while depression came to sing its song, but Jesus started to remind me who I really was. When suicide came in with its harmony, singing, "Your death will set you free," Jesus reminded me only His death can set me free. When self hatred was yelling, "There's nothing left of you," Jesus showed me true beauty I never saw before in myself. What Jesus spoke to me in poem, I wanted to create into lyrics, because I knew so many could relate.

Let Life sing His song over you.
Because after all, you are beautiful after all.

Notes about the music of, "After All," by Dormee:

When Carli first approached me with her poem, I knew the words that I read were special and inspired. Although she was a little hesitant on turning her poem into lyrics and a song, I played around with some musical ideas and shared them with her. When she heard what I had done with her poem, turning it into song (initially, with me just narrating the poem over the score), she was so excited to work further on expanding this project and I composed a melody for her lyrics and we worked out the chorus line together and Carli expanded her poem into a second verse that is just phenomenal.

As for the music, it begins with a simple piano line and becomes more complex with added synthesizers all crescendoing into the chorus and then it happens all over again with the second verse and chorus, but the conclusion, I think, is something exceptionally special and in which Carli came up with of her own accord. The ending returns with that simple piano line and fades aways into nothing as she sings the words, "You are beautiful, after all," so it's as if you continue hearing those words even after the song has ended and I think those are the words God wants us to hear and understand for all of time and beyond.

To Feel You Close - Double - 2-Track EP

To Feel You Close - Double

2-Track EP

Released on October 27, 2017


Joel Rees & Dormee bring you something special in this double EP, mixing hip-hop and electronic dance music with a positive message and driving bass lines.


This double EP brings you hip-hop and electronic dance music like you've never heard before! With Joel Rees' quick and precise rapping and beautiful choruses-lines pronounced by a message of overcoming struggle and looking to Jesus as your source of strength, all encompassed by an energetic and driving soundscape that Dormee provides, this duo is unstoppable. "Be Free" is an expression of someone out there that is greater than ourselves and who can break our chains of sin and bondage and set us free. The soundtrack provides a danceable, power-driving bass and kick during the choruses and a more laid back and chill hip-hop beat during the verses. "To Feel You Close" stems from the desire to be close to Jesus and depend on him for all your needs. Deriving inspiration from various genres, this track brings that power bass again along with a gorgeous bridge section sung by Fosterchild. All in all, this double EP will leave you encouraged and empowered to face the world with a strength beyond your own.

Bold Heart Synesthesia - 15-Track Album

Bold Heart Synesthesia

15-Track Album

Released on July 7, 2017.


Bold Heart Synesthesia pulls you onto a journey with a vibrant array of color in sound and passion from hard electro tracks to relaxing chill songs and much, much more.


Rooted in emotion, this album aims at the core of your being and shoots. Bold Heart Synesthesia depicts a raging heart full of conflicting ideas and emotions in a vibrant array of beauty in color, each track giving you a peek into the human psyche and soul. Best to say, it's an all inclusive ride into the very depths of passion and out onto the fields of glorious sound engineering.


Bold Heart Synesthesia kicks off with, "Synthesis," a progressive house track with a heavy bass and kick and with swirling synthesizers, taking you into a world full of energy and subtle emotion. The second track, "Melancholia," brings you down into a relaxing chill state with a four-to-the-floor dance kick and future bass-type synthesizers giving you that smooth ride into the sunset. "Ethos," picks up where, "Melancholia," left off with a smooth chill vibe and steady hip-hop kick and bass, bringing you back into a state of wonderful energy and excitement. "From the Heart" is an emotional yet chill track with a climax and a poem written for it wondering about greater things - about a God who is faithful through all time and space and sheds his love abundantly over humanity. "At Heaven's Gate" depicts what it might be like entering paradise in the after-life, full of excitement, joy, and energy with a soaring, melodic, beautiful piano lining the entire track. "Singing Over You" brings you back down into a state of peace with a subtle and gentle piano and rain falling all around you and with the entrance of the stunning vocals of Carli Harris all culminating into a steady beat with a wonderfully soft, electro synth surrounding the soundscape with thunder in the distance and with a burst of energy from Carli's vocals singing about how God is always singing over you His song of peace, redemption, acceptance, and salvation. "Adagio for Synth" begins with a haunting and passionate synth climaxing into a pounding electro beat and leads you on a darker journey of wonder and excitement with it's glorious arpeggiated, electro, synth sounds all culminating into a flurry of energy and absolution. "Dark Reflection" takes you into a fantastical world with it's distorted, vocoded, female, vocals building up to a sudden drop into a dark electro yet chill beat with it's syncopated synthesizers and subtle piano line. "Healing" was inspired by being awoken out of a dream with a voice I heard spoken over me in the middle of the night saying, "You will be healed." It's chill break beat and piano brings you into that dream state culminating into the voice and then returning back into a dream state. "Flight Mode" takes you out of that dream into the cabin of an airliner getting ready for take off. Using special sound effects, it takes you on an exciting ride with it's hip-hop-type kicks and future bass-type sounds. "Hope and a Future" is a bright danceable song featuring the lovely improv vocals of Lady of the Sky and is just a pleasant and joyful celebration of a bright future we can all have with that faithful companion, whoever they might be. "Interlude of Hope" is a short track with a similar bright and pleasant sound using arpeggiated synths and culminating into an energy-charged drop at the end. "Home" starts with a melancholy and nostalgic sounding piano joined with a leading synth and takes you into a fun soundscape of hope, dreams, and family. "Flow of the Machine" is a bitter-sweet track mixing both a dark and light chord progression with a simple piano and electric piano eventually joined by a bass and beat pounding energy all while you hear inaudible whispering accompanying the flow of the mechanical sounds of this song depicting the interaction between human and machine. "Ghost in the Streets" is a thrilling and dark track with siren sounds eerily in the background and a subtle piano line playing a passionate chord progression accompanied by a water-like, bubbly and plucky synthesizer and rock and electro bass building into an overtly electro drop with this passionate chord progression in the backdrop climaxing with the haunting piano and synth line and with an overdrive bass drop and dissipates into almost nothingness as the piano returns and concludes this epic journey of Bold Heart Synesthesia.

Pressure (feat. Lady of the Sky & Jdrop) - Single

Pressure (feat. Lady of the Sky & Jdrop)


Released on March 31, 2017.


Lady of the Sky & Dormee's single, "Pressure," takes you on a dark journey into the soul's longing to live free. With it's beat and brass heavy drops to it's simple verse structure, "Pressure," gives you that unique EDM flavor that leaves an impression.


"Pressure" takes you on a dark and mysterious journey into the soul and it's longing to live free. The song starts off with a simple synth intro and breaks in with the hauntingly beautiful and stunning vocals of Lady of the Sky (LOTS) all culminating into a power-charged drop with a heavy beat and blasting synth and brass section accompanying LOTS gritty anthem of freedom! Dying down into the second verse, our lady takes you into her own, "rabbit hole," journey and with some improvised scatting it escalates into yet another, more determined drop and anthem! After the second drops dies away, we hear a message from 

Hindsight - Single



Released on March 4, 2017.


Carli Harris & Dormee provide an intimate worship experience for the glory of God with a strong, emotional, and personal message supported by a full melodic and inspiring sound that will encourage and uplift you in your walk with Jesus.

Hindsight; the ability to understand an event or situation only after it has happened or developed. 

Notes from Carli Harris about her story and inspiration:

"Hindsight was birthed one night when I sat down at the piano to worship Jesus and the only thing I could think of was my history with Him, where He found me, the in-between, and where I am now all because of Him. In the present moment, sometimes we don't understand what Jesus is doing in our lives, but in hindsight, we look back and see He was there all along even in our darkest moments. We see that when we were far from Him, He was there waiting for us to come home to Him. Hindsight is a vulnerable song about my story; struggles with depression, suicide, abandonment, the lies I believed about myself, and how that resulted in my search for anything new to fill those voids. Despite of where I was and what I was chasing after, Jesus was and is still chasing after me. The song speaks of the breakthrough I encountered as I allowed my Heavenly Father to reveal Himself to me and His love that broke all my chains. It's a reflection upon the comparison of the fearful person I once was, and being brought back to life throughout the years of being developed into the woman God created me to be. I once was like the Samaritan woman at the well that Jesus spoke to in John 4. Jesus is comparing the well to the worldly things we try to quench our thirst with (yet find ourselves left emptier than we were before) and the water He gives you that will forever satisfy. Jesus responded to her at the well saying, 'Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.' The song ends as a present tense reality where I realize Jesus is the only thing that makes me whole. It's not a declaration that things will get easy in this life after following Christ, but rather, no matter where I end up, I will be okay because Jesus is all I need. He is home."

Notes from Dormee about the music:

"Carli approached me with composing the music for, "Hindsight," with a simple idea. After listening to her demo, I immediately had a vision for the song, the chord progression I could use, and the climatic passion of worship it would turn into. I was inspired by the song, "Take Courage," and how Amanda Cook performed it as a part of Bethel Music. "Hindsight" starts out with a subtle piano line with Carli's vulnerable and powerful vocals and then continuously builds with a contemporary style drum beat and electronic synths joined by a full string orchestra climaxing into an impassioned song of worship. The climax fades with a solo violin and the return of the subtle piano.

Wake Me Now - 7-Track EP

Wake Me Now

7-Track EP

Released on December 16, 2016.


Jdrop & Dormee deliver you something new in their EP, "Wake Me Now," pushing the limits to the extreme with intense sounds of Hip Hop, Trap, EDM, and Rock flavors coupled with a spiritually encouraging and gritty message.


The "Wake Me Now" EP is a fulfillment of Joel Christopher Rees' (Jdrop) mother's dying wish for him to reach out to those needing the spiritual help of Jesus Christ through music with a message. Although Joel didn't know how he would accomplish this, God already had a plan set in motion for him. Struggling with self-doubt and social anxiety, Jonny Reese (Dormee) would spend long hours cooped away in his bedroom studio working on creating an original and super-positive-charged EDM sound that was also heart-felt, gritty, and real. In 2014, Joel and Jonny were introduced to each other and hit it off right away. As time passed, Joel and Jonny would help each other with their careers. There came a time where their relationship was tested because of some confusion and lies the enemy threw at them, but God was already working in both their lives to grow them, make them stronger, and ultimately bring them back together in an order of conjunction and with their passion for music. in January of 2016, they woke up from their spiritual slumber and were reunited and immediately set to work on, "Wake Me Now." Although the enemy has tried to distract them, God has set a hedge of protection around them and around this EP project and those featured on each track. Joel and Jonny worked tirelessly through the year and are finally ready to present the final product to you, The "Wake Me Now" EP, which includes seven, full-length, and God-inspired tracks.


"Prayer," featuring the haunting and raw vocals of Elizabeth VanOmmeren and with this song's simple piano line building into a frenzy of dance-pumping energy deals with calling out to God in a time of desperation and brokenness to where we know God can rescue us from anything and that we can have peace that remains. "Wake Me Now," featuring the electrifying vocals of Jodi Felton and with it's gut-wrenching electro drops deals with learning how to wake up when we are in our darkest places in our lives and understand that God has so much more of a calling and purpose for us, being here to make a difference and stepping up to the call. "Shattered Pieces," featuring the driving and passionate vocals of Nikki Coey and with it's dual-genre unique quality deals with feeling lost and empty inside, but finding rest and healing in God as He is able to restore our lives consistently even at our weakest points. "Tonight," featuring the stunning and dance-driven vocals of Carli Harris with the song's experimental approach and sound was inspired out of experiencing life, joy, and freedom in Christ and realizing that everyday walking with Jesus can be the best days of our lives. "Falling Into You," featuring the stellar and compelling, indie-punk, and gritty vocals of Jimmy Glover with the song's bass-punching and emotional rendering essence is about finding refuge in God and falling completely into Him and letting go of trying to do everything on our own by giving Him complete surrender. "Break Loose Shake It," has Jdrop both rapping and singing from his soul in this song's gritty crunk and trap feel and talks about overcoming fear and aggravation that we can face daily and realizing that we have authority through Jesus in us to put under every demonic attack that would try to hinder us. The "Epilogue" is a bass-pumping, dance instrumental, inspired song that can really lift you up and take you to a place of joy and freedom in the midst of your battles and it can reveal that you truly can be free always no matter what's happening around you.


Jdrop & Dormee wish you the best on your journey into, "Wake Me Now," and hope this EP will bless you in a new and unique way through the power of Jesus Christ.


Some of Jdrop's influences include NF, Jor'Dan Armstrong, Lacrae, Bassnectar, Thousand Foot Krutch, Skrillex, Krewella and the message was inspired by God and real life situations and experiences that gave insight to the pen and paper in hand, creating a message to reach the masses for the glory of God and to see people set free and activate their calling.

Some of Dormee's influences include Tiësto, deadmau5, Kaskade, Skrillex, Krewella, Andy Hunter, Andy Mineo, and Muse along with drawing inspiration from life experiences where God chose to reveal Himself to Dormee. He also draws inspiration from taking long walks or riding his bike in God's creation and in the urban city landscape around him.


Nothing But Sound - 5-Track EP

Nothing But Sound

5-Track EP

Released on October 28, 2016.


"Nothing But Sound" is a journey into an electro landscape with haunting melodies and bass-pumping drops.


"Nothing But Sound" takes you on a haunting journey into a new electro territory. Starting with the mysterious build of the first track, "As the Sun Rises," it paints a gorgeous view of vibrant sunlight with it's bass heavy, acid-like drop. Next, you are ushered into the depths of space in, "Ballad of a Dying Star," as you witness a supernova of sound with a soaring violin melody into a turbulent electro soundscape. After the vastness of space, "Euphoria," takes you to the heights of heaven in this super bright and power-charged track of positive energy. "In a State of Fugue" brings with it a classical, elemental progression of sound and melody with more stratospheric violin solos leading you up a mountain of monumental ecstasy in expression. Last of all, you are taken to a new world of wonder and awe in, "Magic & Mystery," leaving you in a wonderland of shadow and light in haunting builds and beat pumping electro drops as you are caught in a storm of spectacle, darkness, and beauty. "Nothing But Sound" is perfect if you want to escape into other worlds and ponder the deep mysteries of the universe or if you simply need the unique energy this EP brings with it.

Alien (DORMEE Remix) - Single

Alien (DORMEE Remix)


Released on August 20, 2016.


The DORMEE remix of Superstar Runner's acoustic version of, "Alien," paints with a wall of sound, simplicity, and provides a solid pulsating bass with a slow dance beat while still maintaining the integrity of the original song.


Superstar Runner is a heart-felt, hope-filled, indie power-pop artist, and avid street performer from the mid-atlantic United States, writing and performing songs with raw emotion, subtle nuances, and strong messages. DORMEE is a classically-trained, electronic dance music artist, producer, and DJ with a wide-range of styles and skills, bringing excellence to any mix, remix, or original composition. Together, Superstar Runner and DORMEE give you that unique indie-sonic experience that only two artists of widely different musical backgrounds and tastes can. Their sound is a power-house of sound and emotion with that truly real indie message and freedom of expression supported by the science of sound coming only from a logical production in the art of electronic music. As a team, Superstar Runner and DORMEE work in tandem to bring you that true and lasting experience you can share with your friends and family for years to come. Enjoy.


To learn more about Superstar Runner, visit

SUMMER - 5-Track EP


5-Track EP

Released on July 1, 2016.


If you like dance and party music, but with some heartfelt and emotional moments, then this album is for you!


The SUMMER EP by DORMEE was made to enhance your experience of this wonderful season! Sit back and relax or dance to the bright, cheerful, bubbly, and fun party sounds of this great EP! The first track, "In the Summer," invokes the true spirit of summer in this fun-in-the-sun and driving track, giving you full and melodic driven sound! The second track, "We Won't Stop," is a collaborative track featuring the fun rap lyrics of Zach Dizzle, which places you at the heart of a pool-side party wherever you are! "House of Future Past" is the third track, in the popular EDM style of Future House, giving you a very bright and bubbly sounds to dance to! The fourth track, "Breathe," featuring the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Farisha, is a diversion from the party atmosphere with it's darker melodic structure and heavy electro drops. The fifth and last track, "To the Beat," brings you full-circle back to the summer and cheerful, yet emotional, dynamics of this wonderful EP.

Peace On Earth - 4-Track EP

Peace On Earth

4-Track EP

Released on December 11, 2015.


Peace On Earth is a small compilation of both exhilarating and serene electronic dance music with a beautiful dance arrangement of Night Divine (O Holy Night). This EP is dedicated to the victims of the Paris attacks of 2015 and their family and friends.


Peace On Earth is written to inspire thoughts of unity, serenity, and ultimately peace on a global scale. DORMEE composes music to provoke positive feelings to uplift your spirit and refresh your soul and this EP is a prime example of that creative philosophy. Electronic Dance Music or EDM is a perfect medium in which to expressive the passions and desires of life and all the music on this album are dance worthy of this. With the steady and full-bodied dance-kick to the syncopated plump plucking of the enriched synthesizers, Peace On Earth delivers a delicious sampling of the classic and chilling progressive house sound also found in tracks by the likes of Deadmau5 and Kaskade. The first track of this EP, "Fire & Ice," presents an intense and chilling experience of a progressive, electro house, and trance music hybrid, going so far as to even use an ice cracking sound effect from the movie, The Polar Express. The second track, an arrangement of Adolphe Adam's classic Christmas carol, "O Holy Night," (in this album called, "Night Divine") provides a unique blend of both acoustic and electronic instruments which homogenize into a haunting and dance-kick heavy chorus all while supporting the innocent and pure polished vocals of Saphara Darkstar. The third track, from which the name of this album is derived, is simply here to inspire the listener to envision something greater than what we know, to conjure feelings of divine and lasting peace on earth, where the lion and the lamb can lie together without fear in a world as calm as the clear night sky full of stars and covered in a fresh cool blanket of snow. The fourth and last track of the album, "For All People," takes up where the third track left off. In a similar yet brighter and more cheerful style than the track before, "For All People," blazes through the darkness with clear and pure melodic rays of glorious sunlight. With a clear and plump "four to the floor" dance-kick and pulsating blanket of synth, the message of this track is found in it's wonderfully crafted melodic line. Like Scrooge waking up on a brilliant Christmas morning, the cheer of this melody is both in it's blazing synth element in the chorus and intimate simplicity of the celesta in the verse. This EP is dedicated to the victims of the Paris attacks of 2015 and to their friends and family. May peace be found where there was none.

The Enemy (feat. Saphara Darkstar) - Single

The Enemy (feat. Saphara Darkstar)


Released on October 16, 2015.


This single is a mix of Electro, Dance, and Hip Hop topped with the haunting and beautiful vocals of Saphara Darkstar.


As Darkstar Dormee, we are a collaborative group of two musicians - Saphara Darkstar: song-writer and singer. DORMEE: EDM producer and DJ. Together, we produce a mix of Electronic Music ranging from Electro Rock to Dance Music to Dubstep. As well as producing original tracks, we also cover well-known artists such as Muse and Paramore in EDM style tracks. We both come from extremely different musical backgrounds. With a passion for music, Darkstar made her own way, teaching herself all she would need to know in playing the guitar, keyboard, and as a naturally talented singer and song-writer. DORMEE, however, was trained as a musician in the Classical Music world, sharpening his skill on the piano and violin and performing many solo concerts and concerts with well-known symphonies as featured artist before he broke free and went his own way into the EDM world. We are Saphara Darkstar and DORMEE. Together, we are Darkstar Dormee.

It Came from the '80s - 20-Track Album

It Came from the '80s

20-Track Album

Released on December 16, 2014.


This album is a compilation of my electronic works from 2011 to 2014. The genres from track to track range from main-stream EDM to Eclectic, including House, Funk, Electro, Dubstep, Symphonic, Electro Rock, and Drum & Bass.


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