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Pressure (feat. Lady of the Sky & Jdrop) - Single


Released 03/31/2017
Dormee Records
Released 03/31/2017
Dormee Records
Lady of the Sky & Dormee's single, "Pressure," takes you on a dark journey into the soul's longing to live free. With it's beat and brass heavy drops to it's simple verse structure, "Pressure," gives you that unique EDM flavor that leaves an impression.
"Pressure" takes you on a dark and mysterious journey into the soul and it's longing to live free. The song starts off with a simple synth intro and breaks in with the hauntingly beautiful and stunning vocals of Lady of the Sky (LOTS) all culminating into a power-charged drop with a heavy beat and blasting synth and brass section accompanying LOTS gritty anthem of freedom! Dying down into the second verse, our lady takes you into her own, "rabbit hole," journey and with some improvised scatting it escalates into yet another, more determined drop and anthem! After the second drops dies away, we hear a message from rapper, Jdrop, who calls upon a higher power to help him break free of the pressure. Building again, the drop hits with a slight instrumental and then double hits with a final uplifting spirit of freedom and electronic synths, brass, and beats marriage with LOTS final anthem, "We're all gonna be free!"

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