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Dance For Life


Released 05/11/2018
Dormee Records
Released 05/11/2018
Dormee Records
In, "Dance for Life," DORMEE brings on the electro with a touch of trance, with it's epic builds to it's bass pumping drops, this single will have you on the dance floor in no time.
DORMEE has done it again with his hot, new single, "Dance for Life!" This dance banger gives it all to you with its huge electro drops to its beautifully, fast-paced, melodic vocoding and trance elements. This track will build you up, drop you hard with its two unique climaxes, and then give you time to breath with its groovy, bass-driven interlude. Yes, this track has all you could ever want in a banger and leaves you wanting to hit that repeat button again and again. Some inspirations for this track came from Tiƫsto, Kaskade, and Deadmau5.

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"Whatever creativity is - it is in part -

the solution to a problem."

 - Brian Transeau

EDM Artist, DJ & Producer "BT"